Aptitude VS Interests

Career Aptitude Testing Vs Interest Testing for Career Guidance

NCAT's Career Aptitude Test System gives importance to APTITUDES in its assessment - What you are capable of doing now and what you will be able to do in the future if given the opportunity to learn. It is very different from measuring your interests. It deals only with the present, and that too, what you think you might enjoy now. It cant possibly predict whether your interests will stay the same or change as your life experience broadens. Another problem with interest is they are very subjective, based upon your own image of yourself. This is often inaccurate and will tend to limit your knowledge of yourself to only those characteristics you want to discover or perceive. Finally, tests of interests dont assess your actual ability to learn or perform certain tasks. The mere fact that you are interested in something does not mean that you will be good at it. Hence, NCAT’s career Aptitude Testing system not only evaluates how much knowledge you have and the present status of your abilities, and also predicts the career areas in which you are most likely to develop and succeed in the future.