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If you think about it, your career is one of the most important aspects of your life. Throughout your adult years, you will probably spend more time working than doing any other single activity. A productive and fulfilling career can significantly contribute to one’s personal happiness. Dissatisfaction with life’s major occupation can have a profoundly adverse effect.In Kerala 60% Engineering students drop out from college.why? In Kerala there are more than 150 Engineering colleges. A student in Kerala with out any Aptitude for Engineering can easily get admission in Engineering college. Our Aptitude Testing service in kerala is the solution for this problem.

Need For Career Aptitude Testing

The decision of choosing one’s career is the most important one of our lives. Yet, often it is made on the basis of unrealistic professional aspirations, inadequate knowledge, parental and societal pressures and emotional factors that should rightly be irrelevant to this decision. It is not surprising therefore that many people find themselves in careers that have little to do with their aptitude, skills and desires. They drift in to jobs they are unsuited for, and end up dissatisfied, frustrated, over-stressed and often bored.

Career Aptitude Testing for Better Career Choices

For many people, choosing a career or career related education can be a frustrating and anxiety producing experience. It needn’t be so. Medicine and Engineering are not the only best career options available. There are more than One Thousand careers to choose from, out of which you could easily discover that you have an interest in and aptitude for an exciting position you never knew existed.

Career Aptitude Testing for Better Decision - Making

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of jobs go unfilled because the public is not aware of those jobs or careers. Whether you are a prospective college student searching for a specialization that will lead you to the right career, a high school student seeking a technological or craft vocation, or an adult dissatisfied with the present occupation and wanting to switch, the art of self-discovery can assist you in your decision making process.

Career Aptitude Testing for Better Career Planning, Career  Change

Perhaps you’ve recently completed your formal education and now are seeking your first or second job, or you’re contemplating a job change because your current position inhibits your personal growth, limits your ability to do your best, or does not provide sufficient recognition or rewards. Perhaps you’re one of the five out of six who finds yourself in your job by accident. That’s right, not by thorough career planning but by accident. You somehow stumbled into it. And now you know you’re in the wrong job.

Career Aptitude Testing for Guaranteed Success

Whatever your present situation, you know that the decision you’re about to make is too important to leave to luck, a whim, or what your best friend thinks you should do. You’ll find a professional system here that really works; one that will give you a new, decisive, and exciting way to clearly view yourself, to determine your career strengths and to set appropriate goals. You’ll have a much better sense of which job options are available to you and which careers are apt to be the most satisfying and rewarding. After using our system you will be well on the way to making one of the best decisions of your life - choosing the career that is most likely to guarantee your success. We want to help you select a career rather than settle for one.

Career Aptitude Testing Vs Interests Testing for Career Guidance

NCAT's  aptitude testing system gives importance to APTITUDES in its assessment - What you are capable of doing now and what you will be able to do in the future if given the opportunity to learn. It is very different from measuring your INTERESTS. It deals only with the present, and that too, what you think you might enjoy now. It cant possibly predict whether your interests will stay the same or change as your life experience broadens. Another problem with interest is they are very subjective, based upon your own image of yourself. This is often inaccurate and will tend to limit your knowledge of yourself to only those characteristics you want to discover or perceive. Finally, tests of interests dont assess your actual ability to learn or perform certain tasks. The mere fact that you are interested in something does not mean that you will be good at it. Hence, NCAT’s career aptitude testing system not only evaluates how much knowledge you have and the present status of your abilities, and also predicts the career areas in which you are most likely to develop and succeed in the future.

WHAT YOUR SCORES TELL YOU (After Career Aptitude Test)

You will probably have scored better on some tests than on others. As you study the results of the Career Aptitude Test keep in mind that your higher scores reflect your comparative strengths and that this information will suggest career areas you should investigate. Your lower scores do not prohibit you from finding some success in those areas but are indications that you may have a tougher time and will not reach as high a level of success.

APTITUDES ( Covered in the Career Aptitude Tests )

In this section, there are six Career Aptitude Tests. Following aptitudes are tested and graded in the following order: Very Low, Low, Below Average, Low Average, Average, High Average, Well above Average, Superior and Very Superior.

First, let us take a look at your ability to handle BUSINESS situations. If you have done well on this Career Aptitude Test, you most likely will be able to : administer programmes, advertise merchandise, conduct meetings, confront others, coordinate activities, delegate responsibilities, distribute products, handle complaints, hire workers, manage organizations, mediate between departments, monitor others’ progress, motivate people, negotiate contracts, organize a company, persuade others, plan company needs, promote products, sell consumer goods, supervise workers, prepare a public-relations campaign, evaluate employee performance, and oversee production.

Your potential for working rapidly and accurately with minute details was evidenced on CLERICAL Career Aptitude Test. It shows your aptitude to: alphabetize lists, arrange information, catalog data, collate materials, compile statistics, discriminate minute details, dispense information, examine notices, file particulars, handle details, index topics, inspect objects, proofread publications, recall minutiae., record data, remember minor details, repeat set procedures, schedule events, sort information, update files, work at a relatively fast pace, and keep projects within a preset timetable.

Using different forms of reasoning to solve abstract problems is the key to the LOGIC section. Doing well on this career aptitude test shows you most likely have the ability to: adjudicate disagreements, analyze data, categorize information, classify materials, condense lengthy reports, create new ideas, deduce conclusions, design data systems, devise a research plan, edit publications, extract main ideas, evaluate proposals, identify problem areas, invent solutions, link similarities, organize a plan, predict outcomes, question others, recommend actions, systematize an involved process, think strategically, identify the pros and cons of a proposal , and judge the value of property.

Your score on the MECHANICAL Career Aptitude Test indicates your ability to : adjust electrical equipment, assemble apparatus, construct buildings, design patterns, display artistic ideas, exhibit artifacts, follow a pattern, illustrate diagrams, invent new machinery, measure areas, memorize designs, operate heavy-duty equipment, overhaul motors, repair appliances, service appliances, sketch diagrams, visualize new applications, work with precision, operate television studio equipment, and design company logos.

Your NUMERICAL Career Aptitude Test score shows your aptitude for solving and estimating solutions to mathematical problems. So if you have done well on this test, you most likely will be able to : approximate amounts, assess property, audit financial records, balance budgets, budget expenses, calculate depreciations, compile statistics, compute solutions, determine fees, estimate solutions, evaluate net worth, figure discounts, gauge probabilities, measure boundaries, program computers, project future needs, quantify materials, set prices, survey land areas, tabulate surveys, verify measurements, prepare tax forms, and plan tax strategies.

And lastly you showed your aptitude for understanding, analyzing, and resolving others’ personal or social problems on the

SOCIAL career Aptitude Test

. So if you have done well here, you should be quite able to: advise people, assess personal progress, be considerate of others’ feelings, coach teams, counsel people, encourage others, express feelings, guide conversations, instruct pupils, interview people, listen to others, mediate between sides, motivate others, organize groups, persuade others, provide consultations, recommend a course of action, reflect feelings, rehabilitate others, respond to situations, supervise others, build a sense of trust, convince others to believe something you hold to be true, and resolve personal conflicts.


Saves time : If you use our career aptitude test and career guidance system, you can save precious years, in fact, if you use this system to determine your aptitudes before you choose your college program or seek employment by trial and error.

Saves Money : By using our Career Aptitude Testing and Career Guidance  System, you may save thousands of rupees by using the Career Guidance system to guide you in selecting the right college or technical school program. And for the price of this test you will have information otherwise not available to you without an expensive evaluation at a career testing centre and hours of counselling.

Understand your strengths :Our Career Aptitude Testing and Career Guidance will help you identify and measure your career potential objectively and will show you the areas in which your abilities can best be developed. It will help you discover your capacity for learning new skills and help you realize what you are capable of achieving.

And your weaknesses : Our Career Aptitude Testing will help you understand your weaknesses so that you will not fall victim to them.

Gain encouragement: Our Career Aptitude Testin can supply you with information that may encourage you to change your job and pursue a career in a different direction from the one you now follow, or it may suggest that you continue with your current pursuits. A high-school clerk who took our test says, “My test just affirmed what I felt my directions were going to be. I have thought for a long time I would do well as a guidance counsellor. By having something valid saying I am good in what I feel I want, I now have the courage to go ahead in what I want to do. I’m so glad I took this test. I feel very good about the results.” She went on to take courses at a local college to complete her degree as a counsellor.

Be able to set appropriate goals: Preparing for your future means setting appropriate career goals. While it may be true that you want to “do your own thing,” you should first find out what your own thing is. A Teacher from Trivandrum, asked that her son Anil be tested in his last year of high school. Anil, a bright young man, didn’t have any career direction at that time. His Career Aptitude Testing and Career Guidance results indicated considerable strength in business. Several months later we received this note from that Teacher. “Your test, and its results and suggestions probably did more to give Anil a career direction than any other influence! Can’t wait for my next child to be tested.” By the way we recently learned that Anil was a student at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and now is an executive at Reliance.

Be guided in selecting a career : Once you know your aptitudes, the Career Clusters will provide you with a realistic base from which you can make an intelligent choice of careers or course of study. A clinical counselor, Jose, from Kollam, writes, “I am much impressed with your test and the system you have developed. Your aptitude approach in assessing career goals and potential is certainly effective. I see many who have grandiose notions of what their career should be, but have no special driving force other than that they heard a certain career was currently providing well-paying employment. NCAT's Career Aptitude Testing could alleviate a lot of future disappointment, open new areas of thought, and help me to do my job better.”

Be opened to new areas : The Career Clusters and the career options after the Career Aptitude Test will suggest many opportunities you may not have known exist or realize are within your reach.

Profit From your results of Career Aptitude Test

  • Your scores and Career Cluster arrived after career aptitude test and career guidance are valuable tools, and should be used in conjunction with the advice of career guidance counselors, management consultants, placement agencies, and job counselors. This could be the single most important piece of objective information you can give them about yourself.
  • Include the results of your Career Aptitude Test on your resume.
  • Discuss your aptitudes with possible employers with assurance, and back up the discussion with your Career Aptitude Test results.
  • You can use your Career Aptitude Test results to help plan your curriculum in high school, college, professional college, for Bachelors and Masters Deg


As you scan the careers in your cluster,mentioned in the Career Aptitude Test report, remember that you may need more education to succeed in several of these careers. Keep in mind too your :

  • Financial requirements,
  • Flexibility,
  • Geographic preferences,
  • Your inclination to gamble or play it safe,
  • Ideal working conditions for you,
  • Your depth of determination,
  • The present state of the economy

All these will influence your career decision, now that you know what areas of employment will be best for you.

NCAT, The Best Aptitude Test in Kerala

Hence, NCAT can be considered as the Best Career Aptitude Test Service in Kerala