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NCAT (National Centre for Aptitude Testing)

NCAT is in the art of Career Aptitude Testing in Kerala since 1992

Antony J John M.com, MBA (Pace University, New York)

Mr.Antony J John, Director, NCCG, Kerala has been a pioneer in Aptitude-based Career Consultancy in Kerala. He is the best Career Consultant in Kollam and one of the top 10 in Kerala

Career Guidance Handbook by Antony J John

Career Guidance Handbook by Antony J John is a masterpiece useful for students and parents in Kerala and India as a whole.

Career Aptitude Testing Vs Interests Testing for Career Guidance

People usually test Interests for Career Guidance in Kerala. It is of no use. We test Career Aptitudes

Which Aptitudes To Test?

If you look at the list of Career Aptitudes we test, they are the most relevant aptitudes to decide a Career or Career-related education. Testing Aptitudes which are not relevant in deciding a Career is a waste of time, energy and money. In kerala, in the name of aptitude testing people usually test interest and aptitudes which are not related to career.

NCAT, The Best Career Aptitude Testing Service in Kerala

Hence, NCAT can be considered as the Best Career Aptitude Testing service in Kerala

WHY THE ART OF SELF-DISCOVERY? If you think about it, your career is one of the most important aspects of your life. Throughout your adult years, you will probabl y spend more time working than doing any other single activity. A productive and fulfilling career can significantly contribute to one’s personal happiness. Dissatisfaction with life’s major occupation can have a profoundly adverse effect.

The decision of choosing one’s career is the most important one of our lives. Yet, often it is made on the basis of unrealistic professional aspirations, inadequate knowledge, parental and societal pressures and emotional factors that should rightly be irrelevant to this decision. It is not surprising therefore that many people find themselves in careers that have little to do with their aptitude, skills and desires. They drift in to jobs they are unsuited for, and end up dissatisfied, frustrated, over-stressed and often bored.

For many people, choosing a career or career related education can be a frustrating and anxiety producing experience. It needn’t be so. Medicine and Engineering are not the only best career options available. There are more than One Thousand careers to choose from, out of which you could easily discover that you have an interest in and aptitude for an exciting position you never knew existed.