Sastra e-newsletter


For  Students &  Science Aficionados
Practical Applications of Scientific Theories
Thousands of recent inventions in Science and Technology explained
Motivate every student to innovate
Inspire ordinary to think like Edison or Einstein
Inculcate scientific temper in students
Encourage scientific research

Introduce High School and University Students to the world of science through text and high definition graphic presentations. 

Contents from world renowned universities and institutions such as MIT, UCLA, NASA, etc.


Space and Astronomy, Physics, Information Technology, Life Sciences and Technologies, Materials and Substances, Energy and Transport, Geo Science and Environment, Economics and Social Sciences, Biology, Mobile Technology, Sports, Automotive, Science, Urban Transport, 3D Printing, Bicycles, Motor Cycles, Architecture, Home Entertainment, Drones, Computers, Outdoors, Military, Collectibles, Environment, Marine, Aircraft, Virtual Reality, Medical, etc, etc.


Using the Lap Top and LCD Projector, can conduct classes with SASTRA e-newsletter.  It will educate students about the current developments in Science & Technology.  A new generation of world class scientists will emerge out of this experiment.